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5006 Timber Wolf Cir.

**Story Coming Soon. Build by Hyams Homebuilding.**

Waldrop Spec House

Dusty Waldrop of Waldrop Builders engaged Kinney & Associates to design a semi-modern 4000-sq. foot speculative residence that is in the Verano neighborhood of Barton Creek. The program included three bedrooms in the main house (one doubling as an office) each with their own bathrooms, a Living Room, and a Family Room adjacent the Kitchen, as well as Dining Rooms. The developer also wanted a separate Guest Quarters located adjacent an Outdoor Living area and the pool. One design feature of the residence was the custom-cut limestone facade comprised of large 24" x 12" precisely cut stones arranged in a running bond pattern. This gives the facade a very modern yet warm feel. The other exterior materials chosen for the house were wood and stucco, which complement the stone dramatically.


Hemlock Ave.

Kinney & Associates was hired by the Potter-Miller family in the Cherrywood neighborhood of Austin, Texas to design a detached garage with a one-bedroom accessory dwelling unit above. The garage was designed to be multi-functional and is equipped with a powder room and air conditioning to allow the second floor tenant the option of utilizing it as a studio, workshop, or a variety of other uses. The owners chose Sabina Daly of Jade Construction to execute the design. The final result was a beautiful addition to the existing main residence and a superb source of rental income for the owners for years to come.


Breeze Terrace

**Story coming soon!**


Chestnut Ave.

Hyams Homebuilding approached Kinney & Associates to help him design an addition and remodel to an existing 1100-square-foot residence in East Austin. The program was simple -- he wanted a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath house that could be sold easily or lived in should he decide to keep it for a while. Kinney & Associates endeavored to keep as much of the existing structure as feasible while delivering a very marketable product that would appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. The final product included a Game/Media Room adjacent a courtyard space that can be used for entertaining or for kids. The Master Bedroom atop the Game/Media lends itself to privacy and seclusion so that the owners can use it as a retreat. The final product is a 2400-square-foot residence that appears to be a small bungalow from the street, but lends itself to downtown views in the rear.

Meisel Deck

The Meisel family in West Austin enlisted the design expertise of Kinney & Associates to create a beautiful outdoor deck retreat so that the family could fully experience the beautiful weather throughout the year. Working in tandem with contractor Ed Fielder of Fielder on the Roof construction, Kinney & Associates delivered a lovely and intimate space for family gatherings, parties, and a simple enjoyment of the outdoors.


Kiehne-Mathison Residence

Kinney & Associates was hired by Thomas Kiehne and Pamela Mathison to help solve a very basic but quite complicated problem: how to improve the drainage issue at their residence in East Austin. The original designer of the home had created a fundamentally flawed drainage system by designing the shed roofs of the house  to converge in one spot -- the high side of the front of the house.  The original solution to combat the problem was to put a cistern at the point where the roofs converged but in even a modest rain it would fill up very quickly. The problem required K&A to put on their thinking caps and come up with a creative alternative. The first part of the solution was to extend the shallow covered porch out to cover an existing deck. This resulted in a hyperbolic paraboloid roof shape. To account for the large amount of water that was required to be conveyed to the street they designed a large 12"-wide stainless steel gutter that helped direct water and debris to a 36" bowl via an elaborate rain chain system. From there the runoff was conveyed to the street via a 12" x 4" steel channel (sluice). The resulting design not only provided a functional solution to a terrible drainage problem, but also gave the homeowners more outdoor living space and a beautiful sculptural architectural feature.

Claxton Residence

Kinney & Associates was hired by David Claxton to design a very modest but highly functional covered entry and front porch addition. The charge was to create an addition that melded seamlessly with the existing residence as if it had been a part of the house all along. The design featured exposed heavy timber and a place for a porch swing, making it a place for the homeowner to spend a lot of quality time outside enjoying lovely Austin evenings.

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