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Better Streets Week

As Austinites, we are always in search of ways to make our city one of the best in the nation. This month the NACTO Designing Cities 2015 conference is hosting a series of talks and seminars with a variety of featured speakers from across the country. Organized by the Austin Transportaion Department, Better Streets Week is a part of the national transportation conference- hosted by the City of Austin, Oct. 28-31 - and is focused on "creating better city streets and mobility networks". Better Streets Week is also co-hosted by over two dozen community non-profits, professional groups, and City departments.

Registration is required for the NACTO conference if you would like to attend it in full. However, there are plenty of FREE tickets to 15 fun and stimulating talks, tours, and social events.

Here are just a few of the engaging topics to choose from:

· How can Austin streets work better and become better places for people and our city?

· How can Austin streets become safer and healthier, friendlier for people walking and biking, greener and more vibrant? Visit the Austin Transportation website here to:

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