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A Ribbon of Light in Los Angeles

We at Kinney & Associates are huge fans of public space architecture that transforms a city. In much the same way as the Pfluger Bridge reinvented Lady Bird Lake here in Austin, the 6th Street bridge in Los Angeles will soon undergo its own redesign into a "Ribbon of Light". According to Architectural Digest the structure will echo "viaduct’s design, arched trusses will support the cabled bridge, which will have lanes for vehicle, bicycle, and foot traffic". The new design, which is estimated to be completed by 2019, will also be a fluid means of transportation for pedestrians and bicylists via seven points of entrance. In addition several new public use outdoor spaces will be incorporated with hopes of reinvigorating what has thus far been highly industrial neighborhoods. The "Ribbon of Light" bridge will be lit at night.

Photography by City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering, Michael Maltzan Architecture, Inc./HNTB Corporation.

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