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The City of the Eternal Boom

Photographs by Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, PICA 01722 (left) and Sarah Lim

Texas Monthly has a wonderful essay posted this week entitled "The City of the Eternal Boom" about the evolution of Austin, Texas from a sleepy little hippie mecca to the international arts and tech hub it is today. Kinney & Associates has been a part of the evolution of this town for nearly thirty years, with Girard Kinney, our founder and principal architect involved in the design of our city skyline for nearly fifty years. Here is a snippet from the Texas Montly article--we encourage you to visit the link below to read the article in full!

"The City of the Eternal Boom. And the eternal festival. And the eternal traffic jam. And the eternal tech start-up. And the eternal food truck. And the eternal buzz. So how did Austin go from being a sleepy haven for pot-smoking slackers to the most talked-about place in the country—if not the world?"

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