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The Small Lot Debate in Austin Continues

Photo by Deborah Cannon

As real estate continues to skyrocket alongside the demand for housing, the debate about the utilization of small lots in Austin continues.

Developer David Whitworth has found a loophole in the City code which has in the past allowed him to divide a small lot into two in order to build separate dwellings at a decreased end cost to people in the market for a new home. Now the City and neighborhood residents are calling for this loophole to be closed to prevent this kind of development in older neighborhoods which would greatly increase density.

However, as the City faces an influx of nearly 65,000 new residents over the next two years, along with an estimated 30,000 vehicles, will this type of small lot development become a necessity? Read more about David Whitworth and his small lot battle on the Austin American Statesman website:

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