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Downtown Austin Emerging Projects

Downtown Austin - Photo by joey.parsons

Austin's skyline has become a lot like the weather: Don't like it? Wait a few minutes and it will change.

On the periphery of Downtown, from any angle, you are likely these days to see more than a dozen cranes busily giving the city an ever-changing face lift. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of all of the developments -- I know that personally I can walk down the street from week to week and go "Wait, where did that building come from?" Well, here is a great site that lists every project that is either pending or currently under construction!

The Downtown Austin Emerging Projects website lists 59 developments in the Downtown area alone from hotels and condos to office buildings! I did notice that a few of the projects listed on the site as "under construction" are currently completed, so this may be a wee bit behind, but it is still a staggering picture of the scope of the continuing overhaul of the center of our city.

Another great site to track construction projects in Austin is Building ATX: While Austin Emerging Projects is a great overview, Building ATX gives you a day-by-day update complete with construction progress photos, news alerts and more. Fascinating!

What are your thoughts on the construction in Downtown Austin? Tweet to us @atxarchitect.

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