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Solar-Powered Illuminated Walkways

Around the world we are seeing an absolutely gorgeous trend in public space lighting including solar-powered and LED lit walkways. Not only do these highly inventive solutions to lighting issues in cities and public park spaces add a spectacularly artistic element, transforming the ordinary into something truly magical, but these often solar-driven installations increase the safety factor for both busy pedestrian thoroughfares, as well as otherwise dangerously dark hike and bike trails such as illustrated in the photos below. While the cost of construction is varying from country to country, because these installations are solar-powered they are not a drain on the city energy grid or the taxpayer in the long run. So, do you think Austin could benefit from such an outdoor lighting plan? In a city that prides itself on art in every aspect of our lives, could this be a beneficial and feasible addition to the capital of Texas?

What are your thoughts? Talk to us on Twitter @atxarchitect or on Facebook at

Read more on two case studies:

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