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City Nature Challenge 2017

This just in from the Austin City Parks Department:

Today, April 14 is the first day of the City Nature Challenge! This year Austin is competing against Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth to see which city has the most biodiversity. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to snap a photo of flora or fauna. Need inspiration? Head out to your parks and photograph some of the wildflowers or pollinators. Park Ranger Melissa Hand captured this photo of a monarch larva on Texas Milkweed (Asclepias texana) at the Park Ranger Headquarters at Zilker Caretaker Cottage . Hopefully they will be there tomorrow so we can enter them into the challenge!

Participation is easy! Create, Join, Snap, Celebrate.

CREATE: an iNaturalist Account or use the one you already have.

JOIN: the City Nature Challenge 2017: Austin project in iNaturalist.

SNAP: to share as many photos of different species in the Greater Austin Area as you can between April 14th -18th . Don’t worry if you can’t id your photo, the community will help with identifications.

CELEBRATE: Hopefully we will come out on top and we can celebrate (and brag) to our friends in DFW and Houston why Austin is still the most Wildlife Friendly City in Texas!

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