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Austin's Continued Fight for Affordability

As we move into September, affordability continues to be a hot topic for debate for the vast majority of Austin residents as housing prices continue to soar. Several major initiatives have been proposed by the City of Austin and Mayor Adler, who is leading the fight for Austinites' ability to continue to afford to reside within the city they love so dearly. Affordability is one of Kinney & Associates great passions, as well. It is our firm belief that there are ways we can work together with the real estate and development industries to ensure reasonably priced housing for all who desire to reside in Austin and not just the wealthy. We need to ensure that the people who keep this city running, as well as those that keep it inspired — the artists, musicians, filmmakers, and other creatives — have both a place to live and a place to perform.

What are your thoughts on the housing crisis in Austin? We would love to hear from you! Drop us a line via email or reach out to us on social media (links below) and let us know your personal perspective and/or suggestions for ways we can all work together to come up with a solution.


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