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Pfluger Bridge (a.k.a. Lamar Blvd. Bridge)

"Pfluger Bridge is a pedestrian and bicycle crossing of Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas. It connects downtown to Auditorium Shores and Butler Park. In the early 1990s, the city secured $950,000 in matching federal funds to widen the South Lamar Boulevard Bridge as part of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA).2 In 1995, the city signed a contract with HDR Engineering to study the project alternatives. All six options included various widening projects for South Lamar Boulevard Bridge. Meetings were held with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), the Texas Historical Commission, the city and others..."  Read more about the Pfluger Bridge and its design and construction on Bridges & Tunnels.

George Washington Carver Library

Kinney & Associates' involvement in the George Washington Carver Museum and Library stemmed from a joint venture with the lead architectural firm Carter Design Associates. K&A was involved in the site planning, including the design of the serpertine accessibility ramp from the main parking lot. This design was a challenge because there was limited space for an accessible route to the main entrance, but through careful site analysis it was determined that a ramp could be incorporated into a landscaped area to the north of the main building. What resulted was not only a pleasant entrance route from the parking lot but a place that offers peaceful reflection and meditation. Kinney & Associates was also engaged to design the theater space for the museum. The multi-functional 134-seat theater space accommodates both live and movie theater performances and has become a gathering place for many east Austin events since its inception. Read more about the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center on the Texas State Historical Association.

Drake Bridge

Girard Kinney learned of the plan to widen the Drake Bridge, to incorporate faux arches appended to the east and west facades early in the design process. Mr. Kinney brought the error of this concept to the attention of the Architectural Community and the City Council who then asked him to take an alternative design he had sketched through the entire COA Boards and Commissions process. These bodies had already seen and approved the previous TxDot design, so it was necessary to make presentations to each of them. After obtaining unanimous approval from all advising bodies, the City Council approved a new design which involved cantilevered pedestrian structures on both sides of the bridge, utilizing the guardrail system salvaged from the original bridge, and placing the pedestrians at a lower level, nearer the water and away from the noise and fumes of the automobile traffic. Because Mr. Kinney did this work completely pro-bono, as recognition for his service the City Council and Mayor Bruce Todd named Oct 1, 1993 "Girard Kinney Day" and required all future bridge projects to have an architect on the team.

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