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Millennials and Boomers Agree On One Thing

Photo by Marc Moz

When it comes to Millennials and Boomers there is often very little common ground at times. However, when the topic of housing is presented, these two vastly different generations can agree on one thing: their desire for minimalist lodgings. According to Builder Online Millennials are evolved to be more "practical" when it comes to housing, whereas Boomers have had the experience of owning a large home and are now realizing that all of that space is really unnecessary as they move into a new phase of their life.

Both Boomers and Millennials express that they do not want to be tied down by material possessions and extraordinarily high rents so that they can more fully experience all that life has to offer by truly living it. In fact, according to Taylor Morrison, national director of strategic sourcing-East, the maximum square footage sought after by both groups is roughly 2300 sq. ft. and under. These homes must also have the feature of being able to perform "double duty" -- i.e. a den could be a guest bedroom, and so forth. The interior of the house must be able to evolve along with the needs and lifestyle changes of the owners.

So, where does the in-between generations stand on this subject, the Gen X and Gen Y's? If you are within these middle generations, we would love to hear your thoughts and comments in the comment section below. What are you looking for in a home that may be either in-line or different from Millennials and Boomers?

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